Update V.
October 31, 2021

Implementation of Commands for players and startup mods reporting the rates and General information of the Server and our Staff. : :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Main Commands::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: [.autocp]: [Recharge CP potions automatically.] [.automp]:[Recharge MP potions automatically.] [.autohp]: [Refill HP potions automatically.] [.buffstore]: [Create a private Buff Store, where you can sell your buffs.] [.changeemail]: [You can change the email of your account.] [.changelang]: [Allows you to change your language] [.changepassword]: [Allows you to change your game password.] [.charpanel]: [Character Additional Settings Panel.] [.checkbot]: [You can send a Check bot to the selected player.] [.combinetalisman]: [Combines all Talismans of the same class into 1.] [.dealylogin]: [We reward your daily connection to our server.] [.deposit]: [You can create Gold Bar with adena.] [.divorce]: [You can divorce your husband or wife.] [.dressme]: [You can change your visual dress to another.] [.engage]: [You can send a marriage proposal to your target.] [.exp_on]: [To get exp/sp.] [.exp_off]: [To block exp/sp.] [.fixme]: [You can try to fix one of your chats on this account.] [.gotolove]:[You can go where your husband/wife is.] [.joinraid]: [To join or know when the raidboss event is coming.] [.leaveraid]: [To remove participation in raidboss.] [.makeancientadena]: [Convert seal stones for Ancient Adena.] [.movechar]: [You can move these characters to another account..] [.myinfo]: [You can get your personal vip information and logins.] [.mywishlist]: [You can create a wishlist with the item you want and when a player creates a bid or auction with this item, we will notify you.] [.oly_buff]: [Gives the option to create a Buff Scheme for Olys.] [.party[Message]]: [Request party members.] [.removesecondarypassword]: [You can remove your secondary password to change it or just remove it.] [.sellaccount]: [Allows you to sell your account to another player.] [.sellclan]: [Allows you to sell your clan to another player.] [.stat]: [Allows you to see stats and equipment if the player allows it.] [.vote]: [Make 1 vote for the server every 12 hours.] [.withdraw]: [Combines Gold Bard into Adena.] Over time, more commands can be added. Att: [ADM]-ZEUS

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Update V.
Implementation of GM-SHOP "Retail". [*] Armor at GM-SHOP "Retail" from No-Grade to Grade-A. [*]Weapons to GM-SHOP "Retail" from No-Grade to Grade-A. [*]Jewell to GM-SHOP "Retail"...
23 November, 2021
Update V.
Implementation of Npc Manager Crafter It can be obtained by crafting armor, weapons and jewelry with a rate of 100%. How does it work: In said npc they will have the option to crea...
23 November, 2021

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