To enter our server you must download the High Five client and then download the patch, you can choose between these options:
To be able to enter our server correctly, you must delete the system folder and run L2Updater, since it will be the only way to log in.

Download High Five Client

Download Server Files

Full Patch V.

Download Simple Patch

Below you will find the list of updated files, in case you already have our system installed, all you have to do is download the corresponding update:
Updater Simple V [Mediafire]

Updater Simple V [G. Drive]
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1º   Korea 4 pvps
2º   Voyager 2 pvps
3º   Lethal 2 pvps
1º   Netero 3 pks
2º   Lancer 1 pks
3º   Korea 0 pks
1º   FULL 11 lvl
2º   UnIkO 11 lvl
3º   PS 11 lvl
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