A suffix will be added to your login, ie we will add some random characters at the end of your login to strengthen your security.

But is this really necessary?

Unfortunately there are dishonest people who build Lineage 2 servers and sites of various categories in order to capture users' passwords and store them so that later they can take advantage of it, stealing items or damaging them in some way.
With the suffix we decimate this possibility, because even if you use the same password that you used in other sites, the login will be different, making it practically impossible to be discovered.


1- Como Descargar los archivos del Servidor.

2- Como instalar nuestro cliente High Five.

3- Donde copiar los archivos del Servidor.

4- Como ingrasar a nuestro servidor.

5- Primeros pasos dentro del server: Registrar el Correo Electronico.

6- Como ingresar correctamente a nuestro discord.
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Top L2JBrasil  de Servidores de   Lineage2

1º   Nitro 99 pvps
2º   Trueno 26 pvps
3º   Yuki 25 pvps
1º   Nitro 10 pks
2º   Netero 3 pks
3º   Trueno 1 pks
1º   FULL 11 lvl
2º   Diablo 11 lvl
3º   FMS 11 lvl
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