Update V.
Implementation of Npc Manager Crafter It can be obtained by crafting armor, weapons and jewelry with a rate of 100%. How does it work: In said npc they will have the option to crea...
23 November, 2021
Update V.
Implementation of GM-SHOP "Retail". [*] Armor at GM-SHOP "Retail" from No-Grade to Grade-A. [*]Weapons to GM-SHOP "Retail" from No-Grade to Grade-A. [*]Jewell to GM-SHOP "Retail"...
23 November, 2021

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Top L2JBrasil  de Servidores de   Lineage2

1º   Nitro 99 pvps
2º   Trueno 26 pvps
3º   Yuki 25 pvps
1º   Nitro 10 pks
2º   Netero 3 pks
3º   Yuki 1 pks
1º   FULL 11 lvl
2º   Diablo 11 lvl
3º   FMS 11 lvl
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